Zend Framework (ZF) is an open source, object-oriented web application framework implemented in PHP 7 and licensed under the New BSD License. The framework is basically a collection of professional PHP-based packages. The framework uses various packages by the use of Composer as part of its package dependency managers; some of them are PHPUnit for testing all packages, Travis CI for continuous Integration Services.

Zend Framework provides to users a support of the Model View Controller (MVC) in combination with Front Controller solution. MVC implementation in Zend Framework has five main areas. The router and dispatcher functions to decide which controller to run based on data from URL, and controller functions in combination with the model and view to develop and create the final web page.Starting with Zend Framework version 2.5, components are split into independently versioned packages and zendframework/zendframework is converted into a Composer meta-package. Framework components introduced after the split are not added to the meta-package.

While zendframework/zendframework meta-package release version remains at 3.0.0, it will instruct Composer to install latest compatible versions of the framework components, as per the semantic versioning. Such that zend-mvc component will be installed at its current version 3.1.1, zend-servicemanager at version 3.3.0 and zend-form at version 2.10.2.

Attributes of Zend Framework

  • Loosely coupled libraries with minimal interdependencies
  • The rich in-built library can be used for hybrid website development.
  • Facility for email composition and delivery.
  • It helps in making the web applications with ease and faster.

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