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Hibernate is the object relational mapping technology which is for the Java programming language. It offers the framework for mapping the object-oriented domain model to the relational database as such. Hibernate helps in solving the object relational impedance mismatch problems through direct, persistent database accesses along with the high level object handling functionalities. This is a kind of free usage software which is also being distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License 2.1.

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The major feature of Hibernate includes the mapping from Java classes to the database tables and also mapping from the Java data types and also the SQL data types. Hibernate also provides the data query and also the retrieval facilities. It also helps in generating the SQL calls plus relieves the developer from the manual handling and also the object conversion of the result set too. While making use of the XML file, Hibernate will be helping to generate the skeleton source code for persistence classes. It is also auxiliary when the annotations are being used. Hiberanate can alos make use of the XML file or also Java annotations for maintaining the database schema.

Apart from managing the associations between different kind of objects, Hibernate also manages the reflexive associations in which the object has one-to-many relationship with various instances of the class type. Hibernate is also known for supporting the mapping of various custom value types. Hibernate helps in following 3 cases:

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