PhoneGap App Development Company USA, India

Phonegap is undoubtedly one of the favorite favorite cross-platform app development tools available in the market right now. You can build and deploy apps in no time with phonegap. Phonegap makes it possible by providing reusable codes which saves a lot of development time and hence costs.Many times, clients prefer simultaneous app development for Android, iOS and Windows within a slim budget and Phonegap comes out as a great tool to get that done.

PhoneGap Application Development - CIF

We have been working on PhoneGap development since its launch and have gained extensive experience in developing superior mobile apps using PhoneGap development. Advanced PhoneGap programming by our professionals will give your app a cutting edge over others.With PhoneGap development, you develop a mobile app just once which can be seamlessly deployed across iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Phone, etc. This way your app gets an exposure to a larger audience. At the same time you don’t have to pay separately for app development for each mobile platform.

Our Class Services:

  • Customized Development.
  • Affordable prices.
  • We have on service, skilled Developers.
  • Customized themes and templates

Features of PhoneGap Application Development

We have dedicated team of developers, who will build your application just once, and you can access it over everywhere. Testing of the application is also performed on the web browsers on the multiple mobile platforms. You can also hire our dedicated PhoneGap developer for your project as per your requirements. We then complete test and port your application to various platforms Blackberry, Android, iPhone, Windows Phone.

Supports advanced technology to communicate with the Hardware Functions

Used for creating mobile apps using HTML5, CSS3, and JS

Used to build native apps for Android, BlackBerry, iOS with just one time code

Open source framework

Supports 3rd party API Integration

Offers testing and porting over various mobile platforms

Advantages of PhoneGap Developing Application

  • 🗸Advanced technology which supports numerous mobile app versions.
  • 🗸Supports photos, contacts, Geo location, offline storage and many more.
  • 🗸It has the ability to support Blackberry, Android, Windows mobiles, iPhone, and all mobile platforms.
  • 🗸By using PhoneGap, mobile apps can be developed faster, with the use of HTML, Javascript, CSS without using language Objective-C.

Why Opt CIF For PhoneGap Development?

8+ years of affluent experience in developing mobile applications.

Dedicated team of mobile app and web app developers.

Apps which are made by CIF are made for particular reason for business growth increasing.

Primary capability in ios app development.