Refinery CMS Development Company

Refinery CMS is one of the best open source Content Management System that is constructed in Ruby on Rails. On both the Rails 3.2 and Rails 4.2 via 3.0.0., the Refinery CMS is operated. Refinery Content Management System is in fact shortly known as Refinery. Our experts at Infocom Software, India’s one of the top framework development company, makes sure that you get the best solutions from the fine makers.

CMS platform empowers the non-technical user to develop and create a flexible website while staying close to the conventions of the framework Ruby on Rails.At CIF, We are not restricted to providing solely development services however we have a tendency to additionally cowl complete support and maintenance solutions to fulfil your varicoloured necessities.

Refinery CMS Development Includes - CIF Industries:

Stunning developer tools: Refinery helps the developers for creating websites and modifying the front-end look appearance and feel.

Interface which focusses on end-user: The User Interface of Refinery CMS is very simple to operate, and impressive and bright, so that the end-users get attracted to it much easily.

Runs on Ruby on Rails: Refinery CMS accepts the practices which is used in Rails, which allows any Rails programmer and developer to keep themseleves updated for designing and creating websites faster through Refinery CMS.

Refinery CMS is useful in developing best in class websites. By default, Refinery CMS is available with the basic building blocks and you just need to start off with developing websites by arranging the blocks together. Refinery CMS framework generate new components if your website is lacking functionality.

Refinery CMS Architecture: Refinery CMS is composed of various Rail Engines. These engines are call ed extensions. Each engine or the extension works like the mini Rail application having different routes and benefits. Refinery CMS is constructed in this way so that it is different from any custom development you will do in the app directory.

The Core Extensions of the Refinery CMS:

Beautiful Dashboard:

Refinery CMS has dashboard represents what has been updated recently.

Pages in Refinery:

Has amazing feature which allows to manage pages which includes structure of your website


The dashboard represents what has been updated recently.

Resources extension:

Refinery CMS manages the uploading of file and also storage.

The Importance of the Refinery CMS:

The User Interface developed using Refinery CMS runs efficiently and is function-rich.

Refinery CMS developers does not need to use User Interface for creating the website and learn coding.

Refinery CMS is extendable with the customized Ruby on Rails

Refinery CMS is plain sailing in usage by the end users

Refinery CMS runs on Ruby on Rails and therefore it is one of a kind CMS framework.

Refinery CMS framework is 1005 free opensource framework,which also used by the non-technical user.

Why CIF Industries Services?

We have rich experience of 5+years in IT solutions
We are highly favoured in providing Refinery CMS development services
Our services help you in heightening your business and increasing revenues
We provide timely upgradation of the Refinery CMS softwares.
We have the commendable team of programmers and developers
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