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A school management software is the best online tool to manage your school database. Every school use school software to control the student details and every department worksheet. To begin with, proper management of time along with an effective and an error-free atmosphere, school management software leaves all the traditional techniques far behind. This is the best way to manage your homework system, holidays, fee and time table for each and every student of class. Teachers can also submit online report of homework completion and this will be notified to parents through notification.

Benefits of School Management- CIF

students Data and all other information of students and staff are held manually in files. In case of any robbery or an accident like a fire or any such mishap, you are left empty handed with no data with you. In ERP, data is centrally managed and permanently stored on its server which has encryption in its framework for security purposes. School Management Software simply removes the concept of those old big files and folders stored in large cupboards.

Monitoring the fees payments in the accounts department becomes time-consuming, laboursome and a tiring process for the employees. There are even equal chances of committing mistakes. But ERP software has an automated system with a framework that manages the accounts work automatically, thereby eliminating the chances of error and providing accuracy.

With time, every firm introduces some new strategies and methods. It is important that the software is capable enough to adapt those new strategies in the framework easily. Else, you’ll be running out to look for alternative software.

Another important point to be considered is whether they are providing any updates to the software or not. As the technology gets advanced day after day, it becomes essential to choose a software that works efficiently with it and gets upgraded timely.

Different Modules of CIF School Management Software

Our Core Modules

School Administration

To manage school day to day is a delicate task and it consumes a lot of time and this software helps to maintain the school data, manage confidential information and protects password.

Fee Collection

Those days are gone when parents have to stand in line to deposit the fees. Now we can deposit the fees via school management system software and get the Printed receipt via mail, Halfarly/Annual fees deposition

Account Management

To maintain the finance of any school is really a difficult task as accountant have to keep the updation for every single penny and data is fully secure and it has Up to date account reports

Admission Procedure

It makes the admission process simple and effective and it is helpful for the parents as they can know the process, Date and timing are schedule, can have follow ups and it automatic generate numbers.

Attendence Management

Mostly time of teachers consume to take daily attendance and to calculate it. This software is attached with the Biometric machine to get Daily/Monthly and yearly attendance report.

Student Details

To manage students data is the main task for any educational institute as it manage students personal information, regarding each performance and records, as well as this software prepare schedule.

Employee Details

To manage employee data is the also a main task for any educational institute. It handles all the information about the employee such as personal and professional, related to salary, transportation etc.

Time Table Design

To prepare the school time table is the difficult task, time table plays the significant role for the schools and it should be proper as well as this software prepare schedule time table

Parent Portal

Nowadays internet is rapidly use and for parents also, it is essential to have the updation of their students. Parents are enabled to view the academic and attendance report.

School Transport

To maintain the finance of any school is really a difficult task as accountant have to keep the updation for every single penny and data is fully secure and it has Up to date account reports

Certificate Management

Certification refers to the confirmation of certain characteristics of an object, person, or organization. The school management software system is enabled to manage the performance of the students.

Library Management

A library is a curated collection of sources of information. The librarian put a lot of efforts to manage the book and the record with school management system it results in organised management.

Advantages Of Our School Management System Software

Various benefits for the school management system software

Easy to Use

The online school management system software is very easy to operate. Users don't need specified or particular skills to use it.

Secure Software

The software details are fully secure and confidential. No third party can interfere and the history can be viewed by the panel.

Low Cost

To develop the school management software is not of high cost. The software is available at the affordable cost.

Multiple Management

Software manage the various campus managements and various tasks performs on one platform such as account, library, staff, student management.

Better Communication

School Management Software has made the communication better and reduce the gap and makes a strong and healthy bond between parents and teachers.

Backup Facility

School management system software offers the back up facility to the schools, they don't have any fear on losing their data, they are always eligible to recover data.

Bulk SMS Facility

SMS is the best way to exchange the information or to send the reminders regarding meetings and functions , this software provides the facility of sending the SMS to the users.

Payroll System

Now management don't have to spend time on calculating number of hours and how many hours does a employee work. The system itself calculates the working and tells the amount itself.


School management system software manage the attendance of students and teachers itself. Teachers and management don't have to waste the time to take the attendance.

View Report

Management can view the report anytime of any department. School management software makes easy to view the report only by click.


The support system is for 24 hours to serve and the employe, teachers and student can use the platform whenever they require.

Mulitple Language

Any one can use this software, as it is available in multiple languages which makes it easy for every individual to use and make their problems sorted.

How School Management Software helps?

School management system software turned the institute management

Saves time

It saves time of teachers, students and parents, which work they have to do again and again now software helps them.

Parents involvement

Parents get connected via parents engaging tools such as mobile apps which offers the regular notification to the parents.


The school management software offers the transparency by updating homework, attendance, curricular activities online.

Improve acedemic culture

It improves the academic culture of the schools and bring way of learning and improving knowledge on the latest technology.

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