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For enterprises, application code portability and faster time to market are important criteria for application development. Hybrid mobile applications are important because they are written with the same web technologies — HTML, CSS, and JavaScript — as any other enterprise web app. There is no need to port your application to Objective C, Swift, or Java to support multiple platforms — iOS, Android, and Windows. For most enterprise applications, a well-written hybrid app shouldn’t look any different than its native equivalent, and users should not notice a difference between hybrid and native apps. Like any other native app, users can find hybrid apps in app stores, install them on their devices, and use the same device capabilities.

Sencha Touch Application Development - CIF

Sencha Touch Development has brought a big transformation in the method in which mobile apps are designed and developed. In the earlier time, native mobile apps were trending in the industry, but gradually, hybrid mobile apps created using Sencha Touch Framework is springing up in popularity. With new advanced technologies, new mobile platforms have come up, that requires businesses to keep up progress with them. CIF is the leading company which helps you take maximum advantage of the best use of the technologies like Sencha touch development.

As a prerequisite, you will need to install the Cordova Command Line Tool, Java SDK, and platform SDKs for iOS and/or Android. Once you have developed an Ext JS Modern application using Sencha Architect, there are only two steps required to get the app running on an iOS or Android emulator.

Advantages of Using Sencha Touch Development:

The Sencha Touch Apps we create for you displays cross-platform accuracy with flexibility.

We have affordable Sencha Touch development services that makes sure that there is low cost of development and increased ROI.

Our dedicated team of developers perceive the requirements of the clients and then start the work of development.

We have served a large number of clients and we keep updated about any new advanced technology associated with Sencha Touch application development.

Customized Sencha Touch development.

Developing hybrid apps using Sencha Touch open framework.

Features of Sencha Touch Framework:

  • 🗸Sencha Touch empowers developers for using special themes for various kinds of devices.
  • 🗸It offers wonderful UI to web apps.
  • 🗸It works successfully on different mobile devices.
  • 🗸 Sencha developed apps works wonderfully on all Operating systems, like iOS, Android, etc.

Why Opt for CIF Services?

We develop feature-rich apps with high-end quality.

We have dedicated team of developers who develop apps as per requirements of the clients.

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