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Hyperledger Explorer is a powerful utility that allows users to create user-friendly web-based applications. It is a blockchain dashboard and provides the ability to view, invoke, deploy, and query raw blockchain data and network information, including block details, chain codes, and transactions stored in the ledger. Hyperledger Explorer is a user-friendly Web application tool used to view, invoke, deploy or query blocks, transactions and associated data, network information (name, status, list of nodes), chain codes and transaction families, as well as any other relevant information stored in the ledger.

Hyperledger Explorer is a highly maintainable and open source browser that can be configured and built natively on macOS and Ubuntu. At the time of writing, Hyperledger Explorer has not yet gone live. The latest release, v0.3.8, supports Fabric v1.3. It is common to encounter errors here and there, especially around issues related to versions and/or setting up environments. To save time while debugging, I have included notes, along with recommended fixes, for some of errors you might run into while walking through this recipe.

In order to integrate Hyperledger Explorer with Fabric, we will need to define a blockchain network from which explorer will gather data. This can be done by modifying the config.json file to update the network-configs property for the Fabric network. Hyperledger Explorer can be regarded as an easy way to use an interface that allows users to view the necessary network information of the blockchain. It includes details like name, state and list of network nodes, details of blocks, transactions and related data, transaction families, chain codes, and any other relevant details that may be stored on the blockchain.

Its architecture includes a web server that runs in the backend and is responsible for interacting with all other components and maintaining the necessary query-server response. The web sockets are used to communicate between the server and the various client components of Hyperledger Explorer. A RethinkDB database is used to store the necessary details about blockchain components like information about blocks, transactions, and smart contracts, and this can be queried for any necessary information. A security repository takes care of ensuring only secure and authorized access is maintained for accessing the Hyperledger Explorer. Since all such raw blockchain data is usually in a format that is difficult to read for humans, Hyperledger Explorer attempts to provide an easy visualization by using graphs, charts, pictures, and templates, in addition to the usual search and monitoring facility.

Features of Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain

Easy to use

It is really easy to use as it is based on the latest and relevant technologies you don't any skill or degree, you only have to follow the instructions.

Open source

It is founded by The Linux Foundation on which tools we can trust and reply on it. It is totally secure and reliable.

Attractive Visualty

It brings the visuality to the web and attracts the users with compatible sources.


It is created on the simplicity fundamental and the things has kept simple in it as much it could be so users shouldn’t face obstacles to use it.

How to Start Hyperledger Blockchain Development

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