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Cocos2d-x is a mature open source cross-platform game development framework that supports 2D and 3D game creation. The engine provides rich functions such as graphics rendering, GUI, audio, network, physics, user input, etc., and is widely used in game development and interactive application construction. Its core is written in C++ and supports development in C++, Lua or JavaScript. Cocos2d-x deploys to iOS, Android, HTML5, Windows and Mac systems with features focused on native mobile platforms.

The biggest benefit when you rely on Cocos 2D Game Development is that you won’t have to pay any royalties when you use this open-source game engine. The another major benefit is that you get to make games that are applicable for smartphones such as the iPhone and Android devices. For now, there are many games developed for the iOS of the iPhone that relied on Cocos 2D Game engine. The newer version of Cocos 2D (called Cocos2D-X) is applicable for making games for Android gadgets.

Benefits of Cocos2D Game Development- CIF

Developers such as Hyperlink InfoSystem may be able to do more with less effort if they are making two-dimensional games with the Cocos 2D system. The system is based on Objective-C coding so OpenGL is no longer necessary. An added benefit is that your usual game apps can be customized so that they have better graphics with this type of coding. When game development gets easier, your developer will be able to spare time, energy and resources into making a better game for you – and you can focus on how to get the attention of your key demographic by marketing your new game to them.

The nice thing about relying on Cocos 2D is that it has good support from a community of users. Because it is an open-source system, this community support takes the place of the techie support that for-pay game engines provide. You can rely on the Cocos 2D to answer your questions when problems crop up. Even beginners who are still trying to adapt to Cocos 2D will be able to up their learning curve at a faster clip because the more experienced users are there to provide the answers.

Cocos2D Development Services

The app developers at BR Softech have an affluent experience in Cocos2D app developement. We provide services like:

Cocos2D is an open source software framework with immense community support.
Cocos2D has cross platform framework which makes the total app development process cost-effective.
Has the capability for merging third-party libraries.

Cocos2D includes 2D game, Cocos Studio, Cocos Shop, Cocos IDE.

Why Choose CIF For 2D Game Development ?

Since 5+ years, CIF is providing custom Cocos2D development services as per the requirement of the clients. Our world class services, gives our clients 100% satisfaction. We provide our clients Cocos2D development projects of wonderful quality. We have dedicated team of developers, who work as per the requirement of the clients related to app development.

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