Name Suggestion Tools

Best Domain Name Suggestion Tools

1. Namestation

You’ve finally come up with the perfect domain name. You’re unbelievably excited until you head over to a domain name registrar and check the domain availability only to find that your dream domain is gone. Choosing the right domain name and finding a trusted hosting service plan is the first step in building your new site. But, it isn’t as easy as it sounds.Your website name and associated domain it needs to be catchy, short, memorable, and (most importantly) relate to what your website is about and represents your brand. If you’re stuck during the brainstorming phase or want a generator tool to help simplify the process, then this post is for you. Name generators are a great tool to help with suggestions.Namestation is a great tool if you need a domain name generator. You enter the niche of the type of website you’re building, and the keywords you’d like in your domain, then let the tool do its thing.

2. Domainsbot

Domainsbot is a unique tool in that it gives you a variety of different search options for domain name ideas. First, you’ll be able to search for something similar to an existing website, like “,” or you can enter a keyword or series of keywords like “learn meditation.” With your seed domains or keywords in place, the tool will give you an initial domain name suggestions list. You can filter this further by searching only for specific TLDs, languages, synonyms, and more. This tool will also search for expired domains and domains that are currently owned by third-parties and selling for higher prices via marketplaces like Sedo.

3. NameTumbler

NameTumbler lets you enter a series of different keywords. The tool will then find various keyword and topic combinations to help you find a great domain name. You can also choose to look for domain combinations that use a certain top level domain like .com or .net. Then, you’ll be given a list of potential domain names to choose from.