Jigoshop eCommerce Development

Jigoshop eCommerce is free to download and install and comes with everything you need to get started. You can immediately upload all your products, take payments with PayPal. All you need is a WordPress site up and running to install Jigoshop eCommerce and start making sales. You only ever pay for the extensions you really need, when you need them, and a significant number are free to use, saving you, even more, time and money.

Why Jigoshop for Ecommerce Web Design?

  • 1. Massive choice: There are already almost 70 themes, over 300 extensions including 160 official ones, and three popular theme frameworks for Jigoshop eCommerce. That means whatever you or your customers need — we have you covered. You can pick from a huge range of payment gateways, shipping tools, marketing extensions and more to build a great site which makes you money. Many important extensions are even available for free.
  • 2. Promote your shop with ease : We build on the Search Engine Optimisation which is already integral to WordPress and add in specific eCommerce tools on top to let you quickly and easily set up your site and then focus on making sales; not tweaking every last setting. Social Media can be integrated quickly, and most important to secure sales, we have got plenty of great email marketing tools.
  • 3. High-security standards : We work hard to ensure Jigoshop eCommerce is reliable and secure, so you don’t have to. And our payment gateways mean that customer payment details are handled by your bank or credit card company, so you don’t ever have to worry about card numbers going missing.
  • 4. We’re specialists : We started out designing open source eCommerce sites for clients, and that’s what we continue to do. Jigoshop eCommerce was invented because we believed we could offer something better than the existing WordPress-based eCommerce solutions, and that’s what we did.