Iphone UI/UX Development

The iPhone UI/UX, is one of the crucial part of Apple's development process. The UI/UX affects the buyer's choice directly because an app is essentially a virtual extension of your business' brand image and dictates how your customer base will view your company.

Our iPhone app UI/UX design process

  • 1. Information architecture– We design the information architecture, develop the process and information flow of the system.
  • 2. User analysis– The next step is about understanding user requirements.
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  • 3. Usability testing- Actual users test the prototype and give feedback.
  • 4. Graphic Interface design– The prototype is just a wire-frame
  • 5. Functionality Analysis- We make a list of functionalities that the app needs to accomplish that includes the stated task and to fulfill user’s need.
  • 6. Prototyping– Once the information architecture is ready, we move on to wireframe development. The wireframes focus on the interface and visually represent the page features and show how they are supposed to work.