We are expertise in web development :

HTML5 is the most commonly used langauge when it comes to creation of a website.

Why do we use HTML 5 why not others ?

  • 1. HTML5 is easy to implement and it works with CSS3. Today all browsers support HTML5 tags and even IE6 understands the markup and will render the pages correctly..
  • 2.Usability and user experience relate with how well a website or app is designed. We all want better dynamic websites and great looking apps that interact with the user and allows the user to enjoy the functionality, content etc. instead of just looking at it. HTML5 has several technical enhancements and improved features for web And with HTML5 code, web developer can easily design better applications and dynamic websites which result in a better user experience and usability.
  • 3. HTML5 has come along with clean markup and clean code that make it more accessible than previous version. HTML 5 allows the web developer and web designer to use neater code and remove div tag and replace all the div tags with new HTML 5 elements.
  • 4. HTML5 Is SEO-friendly when it comes to website crawling and indexing