Cocos 3D App Development

3D is a popular open source framework used for developing sophisticated dynamic cross platform 3D games and applications. It is built on top of Open GL ES framework which runs on all iOS devices and uses Objective-C and Xcode native to iOS developers.

Why do we use Cocos3D App ?

  • 1. Supports OpenGL ES 2.0 or OpenGL ES 1.1 on iOS and offers a seamless integration with the iOS UIView Controller framework
  • 2. A special Cocos2D layer is used for rendering of all 3D model objects where 2D nodes and health bars can be drawn under, over or beside 3D model objects to create a rich, synchronized audio-visual experience.
  • 3. Pluggable framework in which you can load 3D models exported from popular 3D editors or 3D object files like Collada or PowerVR POD.
  • 4.Saves device memory by sharing mesh data between 3D objects and boosts performance and memory management.