Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a technology that is already impacting how users interact with, and are affected by the Internet. In the near future, its impact is likely to only continue to grow. AI has the potential to vastly change the way that humans interact, not only with the digital world, but also with each other, through their work and through other socioeconomic institutions – for better or for worse.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Healthcare: AI is breaking into HealthCare by assisting doctors, Microsoft is developing a machine called Hanover, which can read all the reports related to cancer and from 800 medicines available to cure cancer, prescribe the best-suited medicine. Microsoft is not the lone wolf, IBM Watson, an AI computer successfully diagnosed a woman who was suffering from Leukemia. AI is getting ready to replace surgeons too, a recent study by a team of surgeons at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington demonstrated that an autonomous robot could conduct surgeries better than humans.

Autonomous driving vehicles: Google and Tesla are the most popular names among the 30 other companies building self-driving vehicles powered by AI. It is predicted that that sooner than later we will move to fully autonomous vehicles.

Finance and Economics: Banks have already started using AI for fraud protection and trading, portfolio optimization. In 2001, one of the significant uses of AI in banks is Fraud Protection, where AI can detect abnormal patterns or anomalies in the system to trigger warnings early on.