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Window UI/UX Design


Windows platform has various dimensions of technology eco system, to provide striking UI/UX. A mesmerizing UX/ UI are all about the interaction of people with the app. The amazing benefit of Windows is its function-rich capabilities, which gives versatility to designers and developers to try their creative side to the fullest and grab the user's attention with a very first glimpse on the Windows mobile app.

Windows Store apps, is the new, future oriented touch UI. These apps will typically run in touch environment where consumption (not production) of content is the main purpose of the app. Windows UI/UX Design a Windows experience that is built upon the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), which was first introduced in Windows 8 as the Windows Runtime. At the core of UWP apps is the idea that users want their experiences to be mobile across ALL their devices, and they want to use whatever device is most convenient or productive for the task at hand.

Windows 10 makes it easier to develop apps for the UWP with just one API set, one app package, and one store to reach all Windows 10 devices – PC, tablet, phone and more. It's easier to support a number of screen sizes, and also a variety of interaction models, whether it be touch, mouse & keyboard, a game controller, or a pen.