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Security & IP Propection


Software Protection

The term software protection is typically used to refer to protection of software against piracy, overuse, and reverse engineering. The purpose of software protection is to protect the commercial value of the software, regardless of whether any intellectual property contained within it has been compromised. This requires a combination of techniques related to anti-piracy, licensing, and anti-reverse engineering. One major advance in this area has been the integration of white-box cryptography – widely considered to be the “silver bullet” to cryptographic key discovery vulnerabilities – into the Gemalto Sentinel portfolio of solutions.

IP Protection

The term IP protection, on the other hand, refers solely to security against the loss of intellectual property. In the case of a software application, that could mean preventing someone from stealing the underlying algorithm that controls a particular feature or functionality of the application. IP protection for software usually employs techniques related to data loss prevention (DLP), prevention of source code leakage, physical security/logical security, obfuscation of executables or data, and so on.