Load and Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Performance testing is the general name for tests that check how the system behaves and performs. Performance testing examines responsiveness, stability, scalability, reliability, speed and resource usage of your software and infrastructure. Different types of performance tests provide you with different data.

Why do we use Performance Testing ?

When you want to check your website performance and app performance, as well as servers, databases, networks, etc. If you work with the waterfall methodology, then at least each time you release a version. If you’re shifting left and going agile, you should test continuously.

Load Testing

Load testing is a kind of Performance Testing which determines a system's performance under real-life load conditions.

This testing usually identifies :

  • 1. The maximum operating capacity of an application
  • 2. Determine whether the current infrastructure is sufficient to run the application
  • 3. Sustainability of application with respect to peak user load
  • 4. Number of concurrent users that an application can support, and scalability to allow more users to access it.

Why do we use Load Testing ?

  • 1. Load testing gives confidence in the system & its reliability and performance.
  • 2. Load Testing helps identify the bottlenecks in the system under heavy user stress scenarios before they happen in a production environment.
  • 3. Load testing gives excellent protection against poor performance and accommodates complementary strategies for performance management and monitoring of a production environment.