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Chess Game Development


At the beginning of a chess game, both players compete in a process called development. The process of development comprises three main tasks:

Moving all pieces to their most advantageous squares.

Occupying and attacking (controlling) centre squares.

Hindering the opponent's development without wasting moves (tempo).

Being ahead in development is the aim of the opening. An advanced player can easily convert a lead in development into a larger advantage by way of attack or combination. It is therefore that the process of development is about being efficient. In order for a campaign of development to be successful, it must adhere to several laws which can be discerned from the works of Wilhelm Steinitz, Siegbert Tarrasch, and Aron Nimzowitsch:

Each piece must be moved only once during the opening.

Pawn moves are made only to control centre squares, open lines for pieces, or attack more valuable enemy pieces.

Pieces must not be placed where they can be attacked by less valuable pieces.

Develop first the pieces which have fewer options or a certain home.

Consider the King's safety at all times.